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Business Expansion

When you are ready to expand, we'll be here to help guide you. We've expanded our business to other cities within the country many times. We'll pass on that knowledge to help with your expansion. 


"Brick & Morter" is not our specialty. There are many people working from a home office now days. There are some advantages to working from a home office too, such as possibly "writing off" part of your rent. But when your businesses requires a pysical location or equipment that you don't have, then you can simply partner with someone who has a physical location and equipment you need. You will have leverage if your website is on Googles first page, and the company you want to work with is nowhere on Google. In this way, you bring them what they need (customers) and they help you where you're weak. You can then eventually get your own location/equipment.

We always recommend moving from area to area, rather than trying to create a business website that you hope will be found all over the Country. That can take many years and many thousands of dollars, if it can even be done at all.

For example, work on getting customers to find your business in LA first, then go on to NYC, and so on. This way you have done all the work to leave each business website on a solid foundation. Search Engines notice the work you put in as well. Spreading slowly in this way, which they call Organically, can help all your businesses get found on Google



Our mission is, as usual, to try to make complicated things easier to understand. This includes expanding your business.  If you get the urge to expand, we'll help talk you through it.


Again, "Brick & Morter is not our specialty, but if your business can be ran without a physical location, or from your home office, we can help.


Our Vision is to see Entreprenurs grow and do Big Things. And them in turn, helping others. The only way we are going to help each other is by sharing knowledge. Otherwise many of us feel helpless.

Many current and potential Entrepreneurs are very passionate about helping others. But if they feel that they cannot even help themselves, then no one wins.

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