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Website Creation

We can help Entrepreneurs get their website started, and how to get the website found on search engines, like Google. We never want to guarantee results. But we've had a lot of success.

There are a lot of website companies out there. We are most familiar with Wix, and certain shortcuts it has that can speed up building your website. I am sure this is the case with other providers. There are a lot of great ones available at affordable prices.  Whichever one you go with, the SEO information can apply to them all.

Website creation


We are not the best at designing a website. We've done it on over 30 business websites, so we can make it happen if needed. We are better at building the foundation of a website: getting its SEO set up and running, then continually working on it until the website starts to get found on Google nd other search engines' first page, by customers searching for that particular product or service.

From there, you can make it look however you imagine. SEO can be very boring and time consuming. We want you to use your time as best as possible. Sharing the knwoledge can do that, so that's what we'll do.


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