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(Search Engine Optimization)

Search Engine Optimization can be very boring. It even sounds boring. But as many of you may know, it's vital to our success. The cost can be beyond what most new business owners can afford.

We take all the boring stuff an make it simple to understand.

We help teach that the expense of SEO can be very small.

What the SEO Specialist 's charge thousands of dollars to do, we were able to do for less than $30 to start. That was for  domain name which cost about $9 for a year, and $20 a month for the website.  Now again, this will depend on the type of business you start.  We go more into detail on thison the Type of Business page.

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The mission is simple: Help as many people as we can while we're on Earth. That is a mission shared by many people out there. Many Entrepreneurs are trying to succeed so they can help others. All the effort and drive to get there can hide that fact. They quietly push on until they succeed, they then help others..


To help people realize how easy SEO can be. In the hopes that they will pass the knowledge on to others. Knowledge can be very powerful, and can change lives for the better. Once people gain knowledge, they can take the next step. This is especially true if they see it is easy to do. Our Vision is to show them that SEO is a piece of cake.

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