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Handling Competitors

Some competitors are cool. They know a part of business is competition, and they usually know that there is enough money for everyone to make some. But other competitors will try to bully and intimate you. Especially if they think you are new, and if your website is starting to beat theirs in ranking on Google and other search engines.

The best way to deal with very uncool competitors is simple: ignore them and focus on continuing to beat them and anyone else you can beat. Don't stop because some losers are telling you to. Winners would never win if they did that. You will get all types of threats: Telling you to stop using your business name, your domain name, threaten to have lawyers look into it if you continue doing business, lawsuits, and even fake negative reviews from your competitors.

We are the type of business that understands that there will be competitors in business, we believe in sharing and helping others, even our competition if needed. But we do not tolerate bullies. We have had to battle these types of competitors in the past, and we have won every time. We'll teach you how to deal with these types of competitors, and leave them far behind in the dust as you continue to grow. Never let anyone stop you from reaching your goals.

Chalking Hands


The Mission is to free new business owners of the fear that can come from threats from your competitors. Many businesses believe what the bully competitors tell them. New businesses owners may think they can no longer use the business name they chose, or if they continue in business at all. We basically want to teach new businesses owners that all that talk is BS.


Our Vision here would be to free Entrepreneurs of fear. We want Entrepreneurs to continue going forward when they think they cannot, because of a lack of knowledge on how to handle competitors, and the tricks that many of them will play in order to eliminate competition. Knowledge will make Entrepreneurs stronger and more confident. Fear can sometimes be crippling to anyone, including business owners. Freedom of fear is the goal.

Young Activists
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