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Business Creation

Starting a Business can be Very Easy and Very Cheap.

Most people think it's a difficult and expensive task. But starting a business is not difficult at all. Of course, this will depend on the type of business it is.  Now, running a growing business that is becoming successful on the other hand, that's the difficult part.  As you succeed, more difficulties will come your way. That is when it get hard to deal with.  This when many business owners decide o shut down their businesses. Only a small percent of business owners will continue until the end.  It isn't because they lack the drive to continue. Most of the time it's because they lack the knowledge and finances to continue.  We are here to provide some of that knowledge to help business owners. We cannot let business owners fail simply for a lack of knowledge.  Visit our "Videos" page to see more on how we can help.

The Mental Toll of Running a Business

In the course of running a business, many  business owners will find out what their strengths and weaknesses are. The problem is, when most of us are just starting out, we have no choice but to handle everything ourselves. We are forced to do things that we know we're not good at. So the stress keeps piling up, and can eventually turn into a deep depression.  Most business owners can't continue running a business when they are at this point.  This is a side to running a business that many new business owners were not aware of.  We believe that this should be among the first things discussed when helping people start and run a business.

Choose a Business Name.

This process is called, choosing a DBA. That stands for, "Doing Business As".  So, for example, if I wanted my business name to be, "On Point Pencil Sharpener," then I would submit that to a search on a particular States, DBA Data Base. If you want to become an LLC, they can handle the search and verify that the name you want is available.


There are many companies that can help with becoming an LLC, like Zen Business or, IncFile. Do you research, find one that fits what you need and your budget. There are things that you can always add later, like an EIN (Employee Identification Number). This is actually very easy &  free to get from the IRS. And for a business with only one owner, even if you're an LLC, it's not even needed. You can continue to do business with your social security number. But an EIN  can be beneficial, and will be needed to open a business bank account.


Plus, most business owners do not want to add their social security number on documents for security reasons. So don't add on every single item that the companies helping you form your LLC recommends. Especially Website or Domain Name service. You will want to create and control those yourself.

Your Domain Name & Creating a Website

There are a lot of companies that sell Domains Names. They may also offer other services, including building your Website for you. Never do this. You will need complete control of your website and Domain Name. These companies will make a ver generic website (even if it make look nice) that will never be found online on search engines like Google. These companies are not going to do the work that it takes to get found your website found online. You can do it. But you will need the control to do it.

Creating a Website can be done very cheaply. But the Search Engine Optimization specialists, who get websites found on search engines, like Google, can charge thousands of dollars. Most new business owners can' do itt afford that. We were able to do it on our own. If we can, so can you.

We recommend Namecheap for your Domain Names. They are more affordable and trustworthy than many of their competitors. Sadly, some companies that sell Domains Names, even large well known companies, will actually take your Domains Name if they see it has value. They have programs built into their website that tells them if the Domain Name you type in is worth anything. If it is, and if you do not purchase it while you're on the site and logout. The next time you login to try and buy it, you will see that it has been taken by the company, and they will try to sell it back to you at a much higher price than it was originally. So only search for


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